Main features Culimaster system :

  • bottom driven agitator
  • trouble free discharge of viscous products
  • constant flow and retension time
  • maintenance friendly rotor stator homogenizer
  • controls with recipe management
  • basis for continuous preparation lines

Culimaster systems

The Terlet Culimaster system is the optimal preparation unit for products, such as Mayonaise, Ketchup Condiments an Sauces.
This vacuum system is flexible as every thinkable process parameter can be adjusted and stored in the recipe management software. The design is sturdy and easy to maintain.
Finally it is easy to expand to an automatic continuous preparation line for mayonnaise, dressing and red sauces.

Tasteful Technology

Please let us know of your specific questions or process challenges. We are happy to serve you by providing ideas, designs or process solutions. After all Terlet stands for Tasteful Technology.

Batches and Capacity

The Culimaster system comes in four sizes : 200, 500, 1000 and 1500 liter content. Each unit is capable of processing between 30 and 100% of the tank content, making the range cover any required capacity and batchsize. 

Know-how and flexibility